Canal Lachine 311

Welcome to my blog! More than a self-branding space, this website contains some writings that are the expression of my thoughts. I hope you will enjoy and feel free to leave comments : feedback is the reason why I published these texts online.

My name is Yann Pineault, I studied and made an anthropology master thesis at Université de Montréal. My paper was about Montréal’s video game industry; I made a fieldwork in a studio to study game developers vision about the creative work and video game itself.

Being a curious person, I always want to learn more about the world surrounding me and this may explain why I chosed to study anthropology. Of course I am interested by video games, but even more about culture that emerges on the internet or in a trendy city like Montréal. Otherwise, I am passionate of nature: I love to take care of my balcony’s bonsaï or go fishing here in town or further in the north.

I live in Montréal where I am actually looking for a job that will benefit of my research skills and knowledge about culture, media and organised work. You can find some of my papers on the website or my academia profile.

Here are some of my research interests:

-Ethnographer mastering qualitative data gathering and analysis methods;
-Knowledge on video game researches and cultural industries;
-Specialist in analyzing individual and collective cultural practices;
-Interested by social and enterprise innovation through individual knowledge.

Keywords: video game, creative cities (firms), ethnology, knowledge theories (epistemology), anthropology of work, qualitative data gathering and analysis, new media, consumers studies.