I offer my services as a cultural anthropology specialist using qualitative analysis methods to help companies or institutions wanting to better understand a group’s culture with whom they do business. These groups include:

Employees, that we want to know from an external point of view

Being interested by employees’ motivation and cultural preferences, we are able to better understand their ambitions and the way they conceive their work.

Clients, whom we want to qualitatively evaluate expectations

Clients have expectations that we have to consider carefully and a qualitative approach permit an evaluation of their expectations that we can’t solely measure with efficiency indicators.

Consumers, we want to understand cultural meaning of the consumption of a product or a brand.

It is not only about knowing what the consumer wants but what the product means to him. It therefore permits the understanding of the initial impulsion creating a bond to the brand.

Qualitative outcomes from a measure or policy on a group of persons

The indicators gives the possibility to judge of the success or the failure but it tells little about the satisfaction or dissatisfaction behind a normative or descriptive change.

I propose a field centered approach based on research work, the goal being to answer your cultural practices questionings. Therefore we:

⇒First elaborate what you precisely want to know

⇒Develop a data gathering method adapted to your ambitions
-Review of literature
-Participant observation (or shadowing)
-Qualitative polls

⇒Analyze and interpret the data to present them in a synthetic way

Like Grant McCracken, I think that many companies sincerely need a CCO (chief culture officer), especially in a world where consumption roots in culture, that we now have to describe its nature.

If you have questions about my services, don’t hesitate to contact me.