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Interviewer’s three positions

Using the interview as a data gathering tool seemed to be an easy thing to do, until I did my fieldwork. Manuals say that you must define what kind of interview you want to do and how to adapt: you need to be prepared (so your questions will directly relate to your problematic), be a good listener, and avoid inducing answers from your informants. When it comes to ethnographical interview, boundaries are blurred since you try to break the artificial position that normally emerge when you conduct a discussion within a sterile context.

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LinkedIn as a part of projective city : strategic networking

I recently subscribed to LinkedIn, wanting to know how video game developers use it as a tool to promote themselves in the developers community. I made my own cv-profile and rapidly got “in touch” with a few of them but I asked myself: hummm….what’s next? Okay, well, I’ve done my CV things but what can I do next? Facebook, for example, gives much more options to interact or share with friends but…wait! They aren’t friends but contacts, professional contacts who insert in a network that celebrate employability. What does it mean?

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